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  • Submission should be about 08 pages in length or less.

  • Left - Right - Top - Bottom Margin must be1" & Paper size A4 only.

  • The font size of the Title of the paper should be 16 in Bold in Capital Letter.

  • Authors(s) name(s) should be typed in font size 12 in Bold, Italic and numbered each name starting by 1 and superscript.

  • Authors(s) affiliations should be typed in font size 12 with single line spacing and should be centered.

  • Email addresses must be below author affiliations and numbering it in superscript as per author number.

  • Abstract must be in single column and in Italic.

  • The entire paper should be typed in single spacing with Times New Roman style with 12 font size letters and in double column.

  • Do not use colon after any section or sub-section heading. Section heading must be in Capital Letters.

  • Use MS-Word.doc file format and the figures in JPEG, BMP or TIFF format only.

  • All the figures, tables, photographs, flow diagrams, etc. should be of the highest quality and inserted in the appropriate places with suitable captions under each.

  • Every section must be numbered starting from 1 and ordered it upto References.

  • List of Symbols
    The manuscript should contain a list of all symbol used in the paper. They should be identified typographically for the printer, not mathematically. This list will not appear in Print, but is essential to avoid costly corrections in proofs.

  • Equations
    Equations should be typewritten and with the number placed in parentheses at the right margin. References to the equations should use the form “Eq. (3)”.

  • Tables
    Tables should be numbered with Arabic Numerals in order of appearance in the text. They should be typed double-spaced on separate pages. Each table should have a short descriptive caption. Table footnotes (indicated by superscripts lower-case letters) should be typed at the end of the table.

  • Figures
    Figures should be numbered with Arabic Numerals in order of appearance and should have short descriptive captions. Line drawing must be professionally drafted originals, in blank ink, with lettering large enough to legible after a reduction of 50-60%. Photographs must be glossy prints. They should be designed to fit the proportions of the printed page. All figures should have captions typed double-spaced on a separate sheet.

  • References
    The references must be numbered consecutively as they appear in the text. List of references should appear at the end of paper with proper details.



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