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The paper accepted for publication and the copyright therein shall be the property of IJ-CA-ETS and IJ-ETA-ETS. All rights reserved, no part of IJ-CA-ETS and IJ-ETA-ETS may be reproduced or distributed in any form or by any means or stored in data base or retrieval systems, without the prior written permission of the Editor-in-Chief. All Papers published in AES JOURNALS are published under the Creative Commons Attribution license.


Articles are accepted and printed in this journal with the understanding that the same work has been neither submitted or published elsewhere. Concurrent submission to other publications and journals are viewed as serious breech of ethics. The authors are responsible for obtaining copyright & other clearance prior to submitting materials for consideration papers are solely from respective authors. Editor-in-Chief is not responsible for authentication of articles/papers published in this journal. The authors are solely responsible for any legal matter resulting out of violation of copyright act.




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